8 Amazing Crazy Facts About Automobiles

Automobiles are a passion for many. Even those who do not have such a crazy love for automobiles cannot deny the fact that automobiles are playing a very important part in their life. Be it a motorbike that takes you to your gym or a large goods carrier that takes your heavy baggage safely to your home, the automobile industry is a part and parcel of human life. The popularity of car races has given a different dimension to the automobile industry. Car races are also a big event on betting sites. Punters may check the Steuerfrei Wetten blog to find out the betting providers that do not charge betting tax. None of us would ever want to go back to those ancient times when automobiles were just a dream.

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Here are some crazy facts related to automobiles that will surely arouse your interest in the industry.

  • “Tune-up” was a phrase coined by Henry Ford

Ignition coils and spark plugs were used to make the first-ever ignition system. When these coils start working, a buzzing sound will be emitted and when all of them work together, there will be a lot of buzzing sounds in tune. If these coils weren’t working, it has to be understood that the vehicle is not in its best condition. If the car has to run smoothly these coils have to be tuned up or adjusted accordingly. Even today, auto maintenance services use the phrase “tune-up” for the services that will help to improve the engine performance of a car.

  • An average American has to spend 38 hours in traffic every year

If this is to be taken seriously, when you are 60 years old, you have already spent about 95 days stuck in road traffic jams. This calculation will be right only if the current traffic does not get worse with time. So, it is time to think of flying cars.

  • In the 1200s, a monk envisioned the existence of the modern cars

A Franciscan friar, Roger Bacon, who lived between 1214 and 1292, wrote in one of his documents that cars will be made that will have amazing rapidity and they will move without the help of animals. His predictions also include steamships, airplanes, scuba diving suits, and submarines. Besides riding cars, playing video games based on automobiles is a craze for a lot of people. Choosing BTC casino sites to play games can raise the excitement and benefits of gaming.

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  • 75% of Roll Royce cars produced are on the road even today

This is an amazing achievement and proof of the quality of cars produced by Roll Royce and also shows their modest mass production strategies.

  • A place where a boat, a train, a car, and an airplane will travel one above the other

Massachusetts’s Boston University Bridge, situated in Boston, is the place where a boat will be sailing beneath a train, and the train will be moving on the track beneath a car, while the car will be driven beneath a flying aircraft. All these different modes of a transportation line up at this particular spot.

  • There was a law in Switzerland that prohibited the slamming of the doors of your car in the city

Even though the rule does not exist today, technically, the slamming of car doors is still against the law as the country has banned “unnecessarily loud and disruptive noise” between 11 pm and 6 am.

  • In 1916, Model T Fords cars constituted 55% of the total cars in the world

The fact is that this is an unbroken record even now.

  • There are 30,000 parts for an average car

With the advent of technologies, automotive repair services have become more technical and complicated. Therefore, look for professional services for repairing your cars.